What is Share@Site?

Share@Site, is a hardware and software solution that integrates your organizations directly to social networks.

Attendees can share their experiences without using smart phones, laptops or tablets. Just using an RFID wristband or card.

Share@Site helps sharing anything from activities and product launches to concerts, games, competitions and votings.

It measures all the social media activity created by your event.

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How Share@Site Works

Share@Site is based on RFID (Radio Frequency Indetification) technology. Consisting of 2 parts: RFID chips and RFID readers.

Every RFID chip stores a unique identification number. RFID readers have the ability to read these identification numbers when the chips come close enough.

The wristbands and cards used in Share@Site have implanted RFID chips. As these chips are very small Share@Site is not limited to wristbands and cards. Any item that can contain the chip can be used in a Share@Site organization.

(For more info: RFID in Wikipedia)


These chips have to be distributed to the people attending your organization so that everyone has a unique identification number.



In order for Share@Site to recognize people, people have to link their RFID wristbands or cards with their social network accounts.

Register@Site is the software that helps people do the linking and sends these link information to Share@Site's central database and management system (SNoRFID).

After the registration process Share@Site starts recognizing people.

Entertainment / RFID Readers

The way you the RFID readers are spread throughout the organization area and the logic you run on the readers and content is the entertaining part of Share@Site.

Whenever an RFID reader reads a wristband you know whose that wristband is, where she/he is and when the data is read. How you manage this information depends on you.

Share@Site, Rock'n Coke 2011, RFID, wristband, card, chip

Share@Site can post texts on people's Facebook walls depending on their age, hometown, gender, school or number of friends...

You can help people take group photos, tag and share them.

You can hide RFID readers or place them to challenging locations and award people who reach them.

You can broadcast winners, populars, votes, results on giant screens

Share@Site has no limits in entertainment.


Can you measure the buzz at your activities, product launches or concerts? With Share@Site you can.

Share@Site not only tracks everything happening in your organization area but also tracks everything happening on socia networks. Share@Site tracks every single content post on social sites and holds statistics about likes, comments, fans, followers, influence, traffic, everything.

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Share@Site Reporting